• Creation and imagination of custom connecting parts

Various terminal insertion examples

Introduction of examples of terminal insertion with Preform Chain Terminal Insertion Systems

Various terminal insertion examples

Printed circuit board

  • Image of Power supplyPower supply
  • Image of IC moduleIC module
  • Image of Sensor moduleSensor module
  • Image of Solenoid valveSolenoid valve
  • Image of Radio moduleRadio module
  • Image of LED moduleLED module
  • Image of Automobile divice control modulesAutomobile divice control modules
  • Image of Driver boardDriver board
  • Image of Various measuring instrumentsVarious measuring instruments


  • Image of TransformersTransformers
  • Image of Relay coilsRelay coils
  • Image of Spindle motorsSpindle motors
  • Image of Solenoid coil 1Solenoid coil
  • Image of Solenoid coil 2Solenoid coil
  • Image of Solenoid coil 3Solenoid coil
  • Image of Stepping motorsStepping motors
  • Image of Coil standCoil stand