Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin

Pin terminals and lead pins produced according to custom specifications

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin description

Pin terminals and lead pins with different conditions according to the application and purpose are custom manufactured.
We custom manufacture terminals that meet the customer's needs, such as terminals with flanges, terminals that have been subjected to toothing, and terminals that have been bent at 90 degrees.
Can be used as pin terminals and lead pins for boards and molded products.

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin description photo

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin process examples

  • Three step bending Three step bending image Three step bending photo
  • Crank bending + header Crank bending + header image Crank bending + header photo
  • Double crank bending Double crank bending image Double crank bending photo
  • U-bend U-bend image U-bend photo
  • Hook bend Hook bend image Hook bend photo
  • Crank bend Crank bend image Crank bend photo
  • Crank bending + flattening Crank bending + flattening image Crank bending + flattening photo
  • Header + groove Header + groove image Header + groove photo
  • Double flange Double flange image Double flange photo
  • Rounding + dimple star Rounding + dimple star image Rounding + dimple star photo
  • Header + special two surface flattening Header + special two surface flattening image Header + special two surface flattening photo
  • Two diameters Two diameters image Two diameters photo
  • Flange + dimple star Flange + dimple star image Flange + dimple star photo
  • Rivet Rivet image Rivet photo
  • Double hook Double hook image Double hook photo
  • Fine cut Fine cut image Fine cut image

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin application examples

  • Board to board imageBoard to board
  • Board modules imageBoard modules
  • For connector imageFor connector
  • Lock pin for SD card connector imageLock pin for SD card connector
  • Hermetic seal imageHermetic seal
  • Cold cathode fluorescent tube imageCold cathode fluorescent tube

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin Specification

  • サイズ : φ0.15 ~ 2.0mm ☐0.25 ~ 1.4mm
  • Material : Copper, Brass, Phosphor bronze, etc.
  • Surface treatment : Sn, Au

Other specifications are also considered.