Our strength

Power to meet our customers' needs - Power to create new products - Power to continue to improve

Our customers come to us with direct requests for help in developing certain products and parts and components. We work to develop the products that will address their needs.
We are constantly aware of the need to provide the kinds of products that will help solve the challenges that our customers face, in our sales, development and improvement activities.
We have prepared a selection of problem solving case studies on this website. Please feel free to browse them for reference.


A wide ranging line-up of standard products that form the base of the products we provide to our customers.

This is the standard product line-up that we at ICREX have developed over a long number of years. These standard products form the base of the products we provide to our customers.

Our standard product line-up features

Please feel free to contact us about these standard products and custom developed products.

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Originality and Creativity

The creation of custom connections and automation technology.. That's what we see as our work at ICREX.

To produce high quality interconnection parts, it's essential to have dependable connection technology, manufacturing technology and know-how.
At ICREX, we leverage our carefully acquired know-how to the max, and are constantly creating new custom connections.