We have compiled typical questions and answers from customers.


This is a company that offers proposal-based products in custom production that lead mainly to the solution of board connection problems.

  • Design, manufacture and sale of connection terminals
  • Design, manufacture and sale of electrical connection parts
  • Design, manufacture and sale of terminal insertion systems for connections
  • Design, manufacture and sale of automatic parts for electrical connections
  • Design, manufacture and sale of crimping terminals and crimping machines
  • That is it.

There is no sales office. The Head Office will respond.

Most of our products are manufactured at our headquarters.

The business hours will be from 9:00 to 17:30, excluding the basic weekends and holidays.
However, the year-end dawn and Golden Weak are not working.
You can send it at any time from the form email on the home page.

Overall product guide

Basically, there are no standard or inventory products because they are made to order for custom products.

All products are RoHS compliant.

Use primarily to connect boards

Mainly used in the connection between substrates and molded products

Be used by mounting on a substrate

Primarily join wires together

In addition

We have prepared.

There is no price list because it is a uniform custom product.

The minimum lot of Semi-Custom Pin Headers and Female Headers is 3000 except for the prototype.
For other products, we do not decide in particular, so please consult with us.

Full Custom Pin Headers

Proposal-based products that lead to the solution of board connection problems.
This pin header solves such problems as "the thickness, length, shape, and pitch of the terminal," "it is difficult to use with standard pin headers made off the shelf due to the specifications," and "it cannot be found with existing products."

Since the base part is a board material, the pitch between terminals and the shape of the base part can be flexibly set, and it is resistant to heat and can reduce the initial cost.
Various types of pins can be used, or different pins can be combined.

There are a variety of product examples.
Even if this is not the case with the product, we will also consider consulting about the possibility of such pin headers.

We will also consider resin molded products.

Semi-Custom Pin Headers

Pin headers that allow dimensions to be specified, although there are restrictions on pitch and terminal size.

It is possible.

It is possible.
However, it may not be possible depending on the number of contacts and the height.
Please contact us.

Female Headers

Female header on the mating side of the pin header. Also known as a pin socket.
It can be used in combination with our Semi-Custom Pin Header.

It is possible.
However, it may not be possible depending on the number of contacts and the height.
Please contact us.

Preform Chain Terminal Insert Systems

The Preform Chain Terminal Insert System, which directly inserts terminals into boards and molded parts, is a system that combines chain terminals with a chain terminal inserter.
It consists of a Preform Chain Pin Terminal Insert System and a Preform Chain Tab Terminal Insert System.
It is used as a terminal for winding carrageen of bobbin as a mechanical part for electrical connection connecting printed circuit boards to each other.

They are used for electrical mechanism parts for external connection of board modules, terminals for connector connection, electrical mechanism parts for connecting boards to each other, and carrageen terminals of bobbins for winding wires.

Directly insert the terminal into the board or molded product.
Pins can be inserted on the collective board.
High insertion probability can be obtained by inserting pre-molded continuous terminals.
The insertion tool is a unit system that can be easily replaced.

The Preform Chain Pin Terminal Insert System, which constitutes the Preform Chain Terminal Insert System, is a system in which pin terminals connected vertically in a chain are separated one by one by a terminal insertion machine and directly inserted into a printed circuit board or bobbin.

Pin terminals connected vertically, one by one, are wound on the reel.
Specify the length and thickness of the terminals within the basic specifications.
Initial costs will not be incurred within the range of basic specifications.
Square pins and round pins are supported.

The Preform Chain Tab Terminal Insert System, which constitutes the Preform Chain Terminal Insert System, is a system in which tab terminals connected in a chain form made by press working are separated one by one by a terminal insertion machine and directly inserted into a printed circuit board or bobbin.

This is a custom tab terminal made by manufacturing a press die.
There are no standard or off-the-shelf products.

This machine inserts a preform chain terminal made by ICREX into a workpiece.
For the preform chain pin terminal, the desktop type and the stationary type are available as standard machines. Custom models with a workpiece loading/unloading unit are also available.
Custom support is available for the preform chain tab terminal.

We do not sell only the Preform Chain Terminal Inserter.
Use of the terminal made by ICREX is a condition.

Custom SMT Parts & Components

There is a product like this.

Custom terminals that can be used for heat dissipating components, etc. as mechanical components for connecting board modules.

These are all-round, burr-free, plate-type custom terminals that can be used to reinforce board pads or substitute for partial gold plating.

Custom parts that allow lead-type parts or board modules to be mounted on through-hole boards or single-sided boards from the back side.

This is a custom-built adapter that converts non-SMT parts to SMT using lead terminals and base material.

Jumper terminal for SMT made by custom. Reel packing is available as an option.

Crimping System

This is an effective crimping system for intermediate joints that connect wires to each other, wires to leads, and lead wires to each other.
This is a highly reliable connection method consisting of a ribbon terminal that serves as a crimp terminal, an applicator that changes the ribbon terminal to a crimp terminal, and a crimper ribbon crimper that moves the applicator.

ACREX Crimping Systems are used in a variety of fields, including home appliances, automobiles, and telecommunications equipment.

  • Temperature sensors such as thermistors, temperature fuses, temperature-sensitive reed switches, and thermocouples
  • Display or illumination using LEDs
  • Connection with electronic components such as resistors, diodes and capacitors
  • It is used in a wide range of applications.

  • Mechanical connection ensures stable quality.
  • The range of workpieces that can be crimped is wider than the crimping of molded terminals.
  • Scrap press.

The Ribbon Terminal is a strip-shaped terminal wound around a reel that attaches to the crimper ribbon crimper.
It eventually changes to a crimp terminal.
The Ribbon Terminals are serrated in a wave shape and are designed to increase the area of contact with the workpiece to be crimped. This serration improves electrical properties such as contact resistance and mechanical properties such as tensile strength.

The applicator is a tool that attaches the ribbon terminal to the crimper ribbon crimper that cuts, forms, and makes it into a crimp terminal.
The size of the crimp contacts varies depending on the applicator, and the size of the workpiece to be crimped determines the type of applicator.

This machine connects the workpiece in approximately 0.2 seconds while moving the applicator and using the ribbon terminal as a crimp terminal.

It is possible. Consult us.

Printed circuit board with terminal

This product reduces post-installation man-hours for terminals.
Printed circuit boards with terminals attached in advance will be manufactured.
This product can only be handled as a system, from terminal fabrication to terminal insertion.

Can be handled.

The know-how gained through the terminal insertion system prevents the terminal from falling off the board by providing an overhang on the terminal itself and fitting it into the board through hole.

The soldering method differs depending on the state of insertion of the terminal. For details, please consult us.

Flexible board connectors

This is a component that can flexibly connect boards realized by using magnet wires in the conductor section.
The degree of freedom in the connection form between boards is improved.

The board can be installed in various arrangements after the board flexible connecting parts are soldered.
Custom specifications such as length, number of contacts, and pitch are available.

FiP-01 that can be bent in all directions and plate-type that can be bent in only one direction are available.

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin

This is a custom-made rose terminal.
Used as a terminal for boards and connectors.

It is possible to perform header processing, crushing processing, U-shaped bending, crank, flange processing, etc.


1.27mm, 2mm and 2.54mm pitch open and closed types are available.

Assembly Service

We can satisfy our requests for products with inserted terminals, for example, we want to insert terminals, but it is difficult to install facilities, etc. through the assembly service of ICREX using terminal manufacturing technology and terminal insertion technology.

It is possible from terminal insertion or terminal insertion to soldering or terminal insertion to component mounting on a workpiece.
Consult us.

It can also be prepared from a workpiece.
Consult us.

Tube Caps

Tubes and caps that can be made thinner by 0.1mm, which cannot be done with molded products.
It is used for parts protection and jigs that pass parts through narrow spaces.

Edge processing of flares, shells, seals, etc. is possible.