SMT Adapters

This is an introduction to a custom SMT adapter that converts non-SMT parts for SMT use.

About SMT Adapters

SMT Adapters overview

Adapters that convert components not for SMT to SMT using lead terminals and base materials are custom-made.

SMT Adapters photo

SMT Adapters features

Base part is substrate material

  • Be resistant to heat
  • Compared with plastic base, it is resistant to solidification and deformation due to heat.
  • Flexible base shape
  • Space is saved with the base shape that matches the board module and case.

Embossed taping supply

  • We can also supply with embossed carrier tape upon request.
  • Reduction of initial costs
  • Base fabrication does not require expensive initial costs, such as molding dies.
  • Compatible with circuit boards
SMT Adapter taping image

SMT Adapter product examples

SMT Adapter product example image 1
SMT Adapter product example image 2