Crimping System

This is an introduction to a crimping system that connects wires from strip-shaped crimping terminals (ribbon terminals) to lead wires of electrical wires and electronic components.

Crimping system overview

This is an effective crimping system for intermediate joints that connect wires to each other, wires to leads, and lead wires to each other.
ICREX's crimping system is a highly reliable connection system consisting of a ribbon terminal that serves as a crimping terminal, an applicator that changes the ribbon terminal to a crimping terminal, and a crimping machine ribbon crimper that moves the applicator.

Crimping system image
Crimping image ribbon crimper image

Crimping system features

Stability of quality

Compared with manual soldering, which has a large variation in quality due to the degree of skill, crimping systems do not require skill because they are mechanically connected.
Extremely little variations in quality caused by operators, and stable connections can be obtained.

Scrap press

Crimping with ribbon terminals does not require carriers like molded terminals, so scrap does not occur.

Terminal with carrier image

Diversity of parts to be crimped

When crimping with a crimping system (ribbon crimper), the workpiece does not interfere with the carrier of the molding terminal or adjacent terminals, as in the case of crimping the molded terminal. Since only a workpiece to be crimped to a lower mold called a crimper is set, crimping of various workpieces is possible. Various workpieces can be connected such as a switch or a connection between the coil bobbin lead wire and the wire.

Crimping image