Ribbon Crimper (Machine specifications)

This section describes the specifications of the crimping machine ribbon crimper for the crimping system.

Crimping system ribbon crimper

This machine connects the workpiece in approximately 0.2 seconds while moving the applicator and using the ribbon terminal as a crimp terminal.

Crimping system ribbon crimper specifications

Ribbon CrimperRIM-201 photo
Ribbon crimper RIM-201
  • Part No. : RIM-201
  • External dimensions :
    • Width / 370mm
    • Depth / 370mm (420mm)
    • Height / 385mm (470mm)
    • *The dimensions given above do not include the work light.
    • *Figures in brackets () are dimensions with terminal reel attached.
  • Weight : 37kg
  • Switch : Foot switch
  • Counter : Resettable Six digits
  • Power supply : AC100V 50/60Hz

Crimping characteristics and crimp height

The correlations between crimp height and electrical properties (contact resistance) and mechanical properties (withdraw strength) are as illustrated below.
A good mechanical property range will also have good electrical properties. Crimping operation is usually managed in terms of crimp height.
If Fw is cable strength and Fr the required withdraw strength, the crimp height of the operation range will be between Hc1 and Hc2.

Crimp height image
Measurement image