About Applicators and crimping range

Explanation of the applicator and crimping range used for the crimping system.

About Applicators

The applicator is a tool that attaches the ribbon terminal to the crimper ribbon crimper that cuts, forms, and makes it into a crimp terminal. The size of the crimp terminal varies depending on the applicator. The size of the workpiece to be crimped determines the model number of the applicator.

Image of Applicator Movement and Ribbon Terminal Changes

Image of Applicator Movement and Ribbon Terminal Changes

Applicators and crimping range

Part No.
Workpiece to be crimped
Cross section mm2 Single wire (two) mm
100 0.02 ~ 0.08 0.10 (two) to 0.22 (two)
125 0.06 ~ 0.26 0.20 (two) to 0.41 (two)
150 0.20 ~ 0.40 0.36 (two) to 0.50 (two)
175 0.25 ~ 0.48 0.40 (two) to 0.55 (two)
225 0.46 ~ 1.00 0.54 (two) to 0.80 (two)
255 0.90 ~ 1.60 0.75 (two) to 1.00 (two)
295 1.40 ~ 2.30 0.95 (two) to 1.20× (two)
360 2.10 ~ 3.10 1.15 (two) to 1.40 (two)

Figures vary depending on the thicknesses of the terminals used, so please use them as reference values.
After sample production and testing, we will determine the model number of the applicator.

Crimp terminal shape

The applicator of the crimper ribbon crimper can be replaced.
The size of the crimp terminal can be changed depending on the applicator used. By replacing the applicator, it is possible to correspond to crimp terminals of various sizes, and it is possible to increase the type of workpiece to be crimped.

Image of variety in width and size

In addition to the standard crimp terminal shape, the shape of the terminal can be made special by the applicator.

  • Offset type Offset type image This is used when the single wire diameter is different, mainly when the single wire is crimped to each other.
  • Elliptical shape Elliptical shape image Used to organize the shielded wires of coaxial cables, etc.
  • Standard Standard image Most crimping can be done with this standard shape.