Proposal-type Full Custom Pin headers to resolve board connection problems

Full custom Pin headers description and index page.

Full Custom Pin Headers overview

This product solves the problem of "terminal thickness, length, shape, and pitch" or "it is difficult to use with standard pin headers manufactured by the manufacturer due to the specifications" or "it cannot be found with existing products in the beginning."
We propose to solve the problem with the full custom pin header realized by our terminal manufacturing technology, terminal insertion technology and product development capabilities.

Full Custom Pin Headers overview image

Full Custom Pin Headers features

Base part is substrate material

Flexible terminal pitch

It can accommodate irregular pitch, thus improving flexibility in board design.

Flexible terminal pitch image

Flexible base shape

Space is saved with the base shape that matches the board module and case.

Flexible base shape image

Be resistant to heat

Compared to the plastic base, it is more resistant to heat-induced solidity and deformation, and has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the mating board, making it effective for stress relaxation.

Reduction of initial costs

No expensive mold cost is required.

Variety of terminals

Various specifications

Available in a variety of sizes, lengths, shapes, etc.

Various specifications image

Combination of different terminals

Different terminals can be combined depending on the application.

Combination of different terminals image

Full Custom Pin Header Product Example Index

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