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ICREX Co., Ltd. contributes to the development of sustainability through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

Purpose / Initiative


The purpose of ICREX Co., Ltd.'s CSR activities is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by permeating the corporate philosophy of "We will create useful value for society with creativity and contribute to a prosperous future."

About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

In order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society, ICREX Co., Ltd. considers all stakeholders and through its business activities, "Sound management," "Human rights," "Labor practices," "Environment," and "Fair business practices." , "Customer issues," and "Participation in the community," we are working to continue, improve, and develop.

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Sound management

Performance and company status are explained and posted at monthly regular meetings of all employees and organizations.

The management will show the management philosophy to the employees in order to realize the permeation of the corporate philosophy, and the employees will formulate, practice and update the code of conduct in order to realize the management philosophy.

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Human rights

ICREX Co., Ltd. does not tolerate any discrimination such as race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, age, or physical disability in all corporate activities.

Harassment is prohibited.

We are conducting training so that employees can deepen and share their understanding of human rights.

We support all investigations of minerals related to civil wars and conflicts (conflict mineral investigations) that may be a source of funds for armed groups and cause serious human rights violations.

Forced labor, debt labor, slave labor, non-voluntary prisoner labor, child labor, etc. are prohibited.

In labor-management relations, contracts between labor and management are made in accordance with employment contracts, work rules, etc., after sincere explanation and mutual consent.

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Labor practices


Occupational health and safety activities define risks and clarify risks.

  • Provide work clothes, safety shoes, and work caps to employees at the manufacturing site
  • Established AED and conducted handling training
  • Store disaster prevention equipment in-house and provide disaster prevention bags to employees
  • Regularly check and update the contents of in-house disaster prevention equipment and employee disaster prevention bags.

As an initiative to ensure the safety of employees, we use a disaster prevention safety confirmation system so that we can grasp the safety information and situation of employees and their families in the event of an emergency.

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We hold study sessions on a regular basis within the company. We also encourage active participation in external seminars and seminars.

We provide medical examinations for human docks for employees aged 45 and over.

We have a sports gym subsidy system to promote the health of our employees.

To promote the health of our employees, we have installed exercise equipment in a shared space within the company.

We have a continuous employment system.

We publish an in-house newsletter to share information within the company, improve employee motivation, and promote communication.

In order to improve employee motivation and promote communication, we post the uses of the produced products on posters and post them in the company's shared space.

Putting the health and safety of employees first, we are promoting the following infection prevention actions and infection spread prevention measures.

  • New special leave for COVID-19 vaccination
  • Curbing workplace commuting by staggered working hours and telecommuting under a state of emergency
  • Use of public transport off-peak under a state of emergency
  • Automatic alcohol sprayers installed at two entrances and exits of the company building
  • Alcohol disinfection bottles installed at 21 locations in the company
  • For the time being, two shifts for lunch will be held to avoid crowding.
  • Quiet meals in the cafeteria to prevent droplet infection
  • Full burden of workplace vaccination occupational inoculation costs (applicable to dependents)
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We formulate our basic environmental philosophy and environmental policy every year.

We publish an environmental activity report every year so that employees can view it.

Environmentally harmful substances To prevent accidents, we have confirmed that product materials and equipment do not contain harmful chemical substances.

Industrial waste is properly treated in accordance with the manifest system.

Part of the site is greened so that we can contribute to improving the environment as much as possible.

We support and promote the "COOL CHOICE" campaign to achieve our greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

  • Promote the active introduction of energy-saving equipment such as LED lighting
  • Greenhouse gas reduction rate: 3.6% (2020 results, year-on-year comparison)
  • Promote Cool Biz campaign

We carry out environmental education every year with the aim of raising employee awareness of environmental activities.

We respond to all requests for environmentally hazardous substances surveys from our customers.

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Fair business practices

ICREX Co., Ltd. has established the following as an approach to fair business practices.

  • We will sincerely comply with laws and social norms.
  • 社We will carry out our corporate activities in accordance with what is recognized as a social rule.
  • We will cut off relationships with antisocial forces and deal with them decisively.
  • Each person acts with a high sense of morality and ethics.

We take information security measures to protect customer information and intellectual property.
We also post accident cases within the company to raise awareness among employees.

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Customer issues

We are constantly conscious of providing products that solve the problems that our customers have, and we continue to carry out sales, development, and improvement.

ICREX Co., Ltd. has a group of standard products cultivated over many years, and we make proposals to customers based on these standard product groups.

Excerpts from past problem-solving cases are posted in the catalog.

We have acquired the quality management system ISO9001 in order to provide better products and services and improve customer satisfaction.

Participation in the community

As a social contribution activity to the community, we carry out community cleanup (neighborhood cleanup action) every month.

We have an employment contract with the Silver Human Resources Center to provide an environment where the elderly in the area can play an active role through planting and cleaning work.

We will exhibit at the industrial promotion event "Sai no Kuni Business Arena" sponsored by Saitama Prefecture.
※Exhibited in 2021 and 2022

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