Full Custom Pin Headers. Examples of other products (1)

This is an introduction to a wide variety of full custom pin headers. (1)

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Combine type

  • Coplanarity stability is very difficult with separate pin headers Image of separate pin header installation
  • Problem solving with combine type pin header Image of combine type pin header installation
  • Product example combine type pin header photo

Shift type (low height)

Image of shift type (low height)
Shift type (low height) photo

Pin header that shifts and stacks the boards at a minimum height

Clamp type

Usage example : Board horizontal connection

Board horizontal connection image

Usage example : Board parallel connection

Board parallel connection image


Angle-free image
Angle-free photo

Pin header with adjustable angle after connection.

Side connection

Side connection image
Side connection photo

Horizontal connection is possible.


Offset image Offset photo

This pin header is used when the through-hole positions are different for the upper and lower substrates.

Press fit with auxiliary base

Press fit with auxiliary base image Press fit with auxiliary base photo

This is a press-fit pin header that adds an auxiliary base to reduce the stress that occurs in the through-hole of the mating board during installation.


  • Angled 30 degrees >Angled 30 degrees image >Angled 30 degrees photo
  • Angled 45 degrees Angled 45 degrees image Angled 45 degrees photo
  • Angled 60 degrees Angled 60 degrees image Angled 60 degrees photo