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About Ribbon terminals

Introduction to ribbon terminals used in ICREX crimp system.

About Ribbon terminals

The ribbon terminal is a strip-shaped terminal wound around a reel that attaches to the crimping machine ribbon crimper. Wave-shaped serrations are applied to increase the area of contact with the workpiece to be crimped. This serration improves electrical properties such as contact resistance and mechanical properties such as tensile strength.

Image of Serration

Types of ribbon terminal

How to read the model number of ribbon terminals
Size Thickness
0.2㎜ 0.3㎜ 0.4㎜
Width 2㎜
(Part No.)



(Part No.)

(Part No.)


○ Standard △ Semi-standard
How to read the model number of ribbon terminals
Part No. Material
B Brass C2700W-1/4H
Some copper-nickel alloy, stainless steel
Part No. Plating
S Sn