• Creation and imagination of custom connecting parts

Examples of crimping

Introduction of crimping application examples using the Crimping System

Examples of crimping

ICREX's crimping systems is used in a variety of fields, including home appliances, automobiles, and telecommunications equipment.

Example of connecting wires by crimping

  • Image of Stranded wire to stranded wireStranded wire to stranded wire
  • Image of Stranded wire end untreatedStranded wire end untreated
  • Image of Stranded wire to single wireStranded wire to single wire
  • Image og Single wire to single wireSingle wire to single wire

Examples of connections between parts and lead wires, and between parts by crimping

  • Image of LEDLED
  • Image of ResitorsResitors
  • Image of LCD backlightingLCD backlighting
  • Image of DiodeDiode
  • Image of Ground wireGround wire
  • Image of Light sensing element (light sensor)Light sensing element (light sensor)
  • Image of Thermal fuseThermal fuse
  • Image of Lead switchLead switch
  • Image of ThemistorThemistor
  • Image of SwitchSwitch
  • Image of CoilsCoils
  • Image of ThermocoupleThermocouple