Pre-form Chain Terminal Insert Systems. Cost Reduction Proposal

This is an introduction to the case of cost reduction by the chain terminal insertion system.


The following is an example of inserting a chain-shaped preform chain terminal with a chain terminal insertion machine.

  • Techniques where soldering can be completed with reflow soldering can be used. (Cost reduction techniques Soldering examples reference)
  • Processes can be completed without separating ensemble boards.
  • Direct insertion without the need for an insulator results in space saving.
  • Terminal insertion pitch and position can be programmed into the inserter.

Cost reduction techniques Soldering examples reference

  • Cost reduction method 1 image 1) Apply cream solder to surface A
  • Cost reduction method 2 image 2) Mount components
  • Cost reduction method 3 image 3) Reflow
  • Cost reduction method 4 image 4) Insert terminals
  • Cost reduction method 5 image 5) Apply cearm solder to surface B (apply to terminals)
  • Cost reduction method 6 image 6) Mount components
  • Cost reduction method 7 image 7) Reflow