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Problem resolution case studies Page 2

Introducing examples of solving various problems.

Case 5

SMT conversion adapter

Customer's request

The discrete components we use are not SMT. We want to stop doing post-soldering and cut costs.

ICREX proposal

Convert to SMT with an adapter composed of a base made of substrate material (CEM-3), which is highly resistant to high temperature reflow, and a lead terminal.

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Case 6

Stacking pin headers

Customer's request

For board to board connection, we are using spacer tubes to maintain the distances between boards, but it is a time consuming operation.

ICREX proposal

Use a pin header for the whole length of the SMT connection pin and positioning and stacking pin, and reduce the number of spacer tubes.

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Case 7

Metal board interface

Customer's request

When we connect a daughter board to a metal motherboard, the reflow heat causes the metal to warp and shrink, which places stress on the solder and gives us a lot of problems with cracks and the like.

ICREX proposal

Change header terminal shape to a wave shape, reducing stress on the solder parts.

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Case 8

Board to board connection

Customer's request

We are using lead soldering to make the board and connector connection, but it is very time consuming. Do you have any good ideas?

ICREX proposal

Use a relay board with terminals to connect the terminals and module board, then the relay board and connectors, and do away with the lead wire soldering process.

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