• Creation and imagination of custom connecting parts

Problem resolution case studies Page 6

Introducing examples of solving various problems.

Case 19

PCB with terminals inserted

Customer's request

It is troublesome to attach the pin header in a separate process after component mounting ...

ICREX proposal

With this product, reflow soldering of mounting parts and terminals simultaneously.

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Case 20

Stress relief on solder parts

Customer's request

The stress such as temperature change causes the soldered part of the pin header to come off together with the board through hole

ICREX proposal

Stress relief with Wave pin header

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Case 21

Flexible board connectors

Customer's request

Existing connectors are too big

ICREX proposal

Even in a narrow place with Flexible board connectors

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Case 22

Flexible board connectors Plate type

Customer's request

I want to mount components on both sides, but there is a limit to the number of reflow times...

ICREX proposal

A flexible plate-type terminal that connects single-sided boards and solves by aligning them back to back