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Problem resolution case studies Page 3

Introducing examples of solving various problems.

Case 9

FPC and lead wire connection

Customer's request

We solder lead wires onto FPC, but we cannot get sufficient strength.

ICREX proposal

Mount a square, hollow terminal onto the FPC and then solder the lead wire to the terminal. The larger solder connection area will ensure sufficient strength.

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Case 10

Reduced man-hours to install pin headers

Customer's request

Installing several pin headers is troublesome...

ICREX proposal

Pin header assembled on one base reduces installation man-hours

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Case 11

Wire bonding terminal

Customer's request

We want to stack a metal module board onto a motherboard and connect the two with wire bonding. Any ideas?

ICREX proposal

Use a special pin header with a flat section and connect the metal board and flat section of the pin with wire bonding, and then solder the metal module board to the motherboard after mounting.

Case 12

Metal board heat dissipation

Customer's request

I want to be able to efficiently dissipate the heat from a metallic based board within a limited module height.

ICREX proposal

Arrange copper block terminals around the heat source and then dissipate the heat into an aluminium plate via heat conductive silicon!!!

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