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Problem resolution case studies Page 4

Introducing examples of solving various problems.

Case 13

Connector housing components reduction

Customer's request

We are manually mounting connectors onto the boards, but the cost is prohibitive. We want to reduce the work time and parts costs together to reduce total costs.

ICREX proposal

Without using connector housings, the ICREX standard inserter will insert single terminals directly on to the board, vastly reducing the purchase price and reducing man-hours. Also, by combining the connector housings into one with the front case, you will be able to cut the number of components without sacrificing functionality.

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Case 14

Conversion adapter

Customer's request

The parts being used are discontinued from production, and the alternative parts are different in mounting system, pitch, and wiring. However, we can't change the current substrate...

ICREX proposal

Solved by conversion adapter

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Case 15

Daughter board connection

Customer's request

We want to connect a daughter board and motherboard either horizontally or vertically, without making holes in the daughter board.

ICREX proposal

Put a spring action pin header on one side to hold the daughter board!

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