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Tube Caps

Introducing 0.1㎜ thick Tube Caps that can be used to protect and insulate components

Tube Caps Special features and applications


Thickness of 0.1㎜, which cannot be achieved with molded products, is possible.

Application example

  • Image of Coaxial connector protection
    Coaxial connector protection
  • Image of Insulation tube
    Insulation tube
  • Image of Component capsule
    Component capsule
  • Image of Fiber housing
    Fiber housing
  • Image of LED light blocking
    LED light blocking
  • Image of Masking for painting
    Masking for painting
  • Image of Tip protective cover
    Tip protective cover
  • Image of Science test tube and containers
    Science test tube and containers
  • Image of Connector protection
    Connector protection
  • Image of Protection of wires and parts
    Protection of wires and parts

Tube Caps Specifications


Dimensions : Diameter φ0.5~12㎜ Length 1~100㎜

Materials : PP (static charge prevention) etc.

Variety of tube shapes

  • Image of Round
  • Image of Square
  • Image of Elliptical
  • Image of Variant shapes
    Variant shapes

Wide range of tube ends

  • Image of Flared
  • Image of Curled
  • Image of Seal
  • Image of Flat bottomed
    Flat bottomed
  • Image of Bullet
  • Image of Pinched
  • Image of Slit
  • Image of Stepped

Some types of tube end processing may not be available for a particular tube shape. Please inquire for details. Also, please feel free to ask about any specific requirements you may have.

Tube Caps Product examples

  • Image of Flare type
    Flare type
  • Image of Shell type
    Shell type
  • Image of Trumpet type
    Trumpet type
  • Image of Bullet type
    Bullet type
  • Image of Flat bottom type
    Flat bottom type
  • Image of Seal type
    Seal type
  • Image of Variant type
    Variant type