Tube Caps

We will introduce a tube cap from 0.1mm thickness that is effective for protection and insulation of parts.

Tube Caps Special features and applications

Thickness of 0.1mm, which cannot be achieved with molded products, is possible.

Image of tube cap application example
Image of tube cap application example

Tube Caps Specifications

  • Dimensions : Diameter φ0.5~12mm Length 1~10mm
  • Materials : PP (static charge prevention) etc.

Variety of tube shapes

  • RoundRound
  • SquareSquare
  • EllipticalElliptical
  • Variant shapesVariant shapes

Wide range of tube ends

  • FlaredFlared
  • CurledCurled
  • SealSeal
  • Flat bottomedFlat bottomed
  • BulletBullet
  • PinchedPinched
  • SlitSlit
  • SteppedStepped

Some types of tube end processing may not be available for a particular tube shape. Please inquire for details. Also, please feel free to ask about any specific requirements you may have.

Tube Caps Product examples

  • Flare typeFlare type
  • Shell typeShell type
  • Trumpet typeTrumpet type
  • Bullet typeBullet type
  • Flat bottom typeFlat bottom type
  • Seal typeSeal type
  • Heteromorphic typeVariant type