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Privacy Policy Agreement
Privacy Policy
At ICREX Company Limited (hereafter "ICREX") we are deeply aware of the importance of our customers' personal information and consider it our social responsibility to ensure that the personal information provided by our customers is handled appropriately and thoroughly protected.
This page describes the handling of personal information on the ICREX website with the URL (hereafter "the ICREX website").
■ Personal information
Customer personal information is any information, such as names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, Email addresses, etc., that is used to identify a particular customer.
■ Provision of personal information
Our customers can make use of almost all of the services provided on the ICREX website without disclosing any personal information. And, if a customer does not wish to provide any personal information, they may choose to refuse to do so. However, please understand that certain services may not be able to be used without the provision of personal information.
Further, the personal information of customers under the age of 16 should only be provided with the approval of a guardian.
Before we ask customers to provide personal information, we will clarify the purpose of requesting the information and will only request such information as is necessary for that purpose.
■ How personal information is used
Personal information gathered from our customers is not used for any purpose or gathered by any means other than those explained to the customer in advance. In the event that some need arises for personal information provided by the customer to be used outside of the scope of use that was explained at the time the information was provided, that need will be explained to the customer before the information is used. If the customer does not agree to their personal information being used for the new purpose, they may choose to refuse to allow the information to be used.
■ Purpose of gathering personal information
ICREX uses personal information provided by customers for the following purposes:
▪ To provide information on ICREX products and services via telephone, Email, post, etc.
▪ For the improvement or development of ICREX products and services.
▪ Business activities other than those described above.
■ Disclosure of personal information to third parties
ICREX will not disclose personal information provided by a customer to any third party, except:
▪ where the customer has agreed to such disclosure,
▪ where, in order to achieve the purpose described to the customer, the information needs to be disclosed to an affiliate of ICREX or vendor, etc., with whom a confidentiality agreement has been concluded,
▪ for use as statistical data where the individual customer cannot be identified,
▪ where such disclosure is required by law,
▪ emergency situations where such disclosure is necessary in order to protect human life or prevent injury or loss of important assets, etc.
■ Handling of personal information
ICREX handles personal information provided by customers in a careful and appropriate manner and has implemented necessary and appropriate measures to protect personal information from improper access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage, etc.
■ Confirmation, correction and deletion, etc., of personal information
In the event that the customer wishes to correct or delete personal information that they have provided, they should contact ICREX. In order to prevent alteration of personal information by a third party, requests to correct or delete information, will be accommodated to a reasonable degree once ICREX has been able to confirm the identity of the customer contacting us with the request.
■ Cookies
Cookies are small files that are sent to the customer's browser and hard disk and whose contents can be referenced. Cookies store site information peculiar to the customer and can be used to enhance the customer's web usage. They are standard within the industry and used by many websites to provide customers with useful functions. Cookies cannot be used to identify individual customers.
ICREX uses cookies for the following purposes:
▪ to reorganise and customise the content of the website in order to give each customer a more satisfying experience,
▪ to analyse which services the customer is interested in and provide the necessary degree of information to our affiliates and vendors in order to enable the most effective advertising to be placed on the site.
■ Our commitment
ICREX will endeavour to observe Japanese laws and norms with regard to the protection of customers' personal information and to conduct regular review and on-going improvement of this site.
■ Comments and queries regarding the site
Please click here to submit your comments, queries, etc., regarding this site.